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Treatment Options

At Recover Physiotherapy a variety of treatments are offered for your injuries and symptoms. The combinations we decide to use will be based on your condition and the treatment goals we set together.

Examples of some treatments

Balance Exercises: Exercises aimed at increasing stability within a certain joint or area of the body.

Core control Exercises : These can be Pilates based exercises used to improve trunk stability – often necessary with patients who have lower back pain or postural instability.

Exercise Programmes : SMART goal orientated programmes which focus on areas of weakness or concern to aid an improvement in performance or a reduction in pain.

Manipulation : a passive movement performed by the therapist which is usually aimed at one or more synovial joints to achieve a therapeutic effect – often a clicking sound is heard.

Massage : A therapeutic treatment which is used primarily to reduce tension/restriction within a painful or stiff muscle.

Mobilisations : A focused manual treatment that targets a particular joint or muscle aiming to increase movement in that area.

Muscle Balance : After highlighting asymmetry within the musculature specific rehabilitation will focus on improving postural symmetry.

Pain Management : Advice, education and manual therapy used to manage a patient’s pain.

Post Surgery Rehab : A structured regime and treatment to maximise recovery after surgery.

Sports Injury Treatment : A specific rehabilitation plan tailored towards the individual’s needs and sport related goals.

Taping : Taping techniques used to inhibit, stabilise or facilitate areas.

For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call 01233 633355 or email us at office@recoverphysio.co.uk.



Our physiotherapists are experienced in treating both acute and chronic pain.

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

This is a common musculoskeletal symptom that may be either acute or chronic.

Muscle Strains - Sprained Ankle

Sprained Ankle

Often caused by rolling the ankle, can cause significant swelling and pain.

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Our team specialise in the treatment of sports injuries and accelerating your recovery.